Don’t Count Your Chickens Until You Have Brexited!

As we all know we are in the middle of the Brexit detail thing with the High Court sitting on should we refer back to parliament for this. There’s a whole world of irony in the way that this is panning out but that is not what this post is about.

Instead it’s this from

Very quietly, Liam Fox admits the Brexit lie

Despite all the sound and fury, trade secretary’s sneaked-out statement shows nothing of any substance is going to change


Now for myself I think that it is foolish to suppose that we would be at the mercy of other trading countries. After all in the case of Brazil they will be wanting to sell to us so why would they want to risk that?

What it does tell me however is that the government is scared of admitting that there are any possible problems at all and I suspect is missing a golden opportunity to make some really good deals for the UK.

Go on Liam, show some British gumption and let’s get the deals that the leave camp said we could as otherwise we are getting the worst of all worlds and that seems somewhat foolish!