Interesting Review of Soviet WWII Russians

WWII 28mm Soviet Infantry Sources

WWII 28mm Soviet Infantry Sources

Last Updated: September 22, 2012 Below are manufacturers making 28mm Soviet WWII miniatures. As of the latest update, the list is not comp…


This is a goof review of the models available and is still pretty much up to date although I do know that there are more options available at Warlord Games

Why Not to Buy Shares in Automotive or Become a Traffic Warden

Google’s driverless cars make progress – BBC News

Driverless cars being tested in California by Google company Waymo needed less human action in 2016.


So, if we presume that driverless cars are getting close to being legal what does this mean to us all?

I suspect it means that we will not need to own cars in the way we do now. Instead it would mean that you could have vehicle pools where you order a vehicle to collect you from wherever you are, takes you to where you want to go and then moves on to the next job. That is, you will always take a taxi.

The difference between this and current taxi usage is that there is no human driver who is effectively the large part of the cost so you are then sharing the capital cost of the vehicle and the insurance. The running costs, essentially fuel and maintenance will be the bits you pay for with an element of contribution to the fixed costs.

So if I am right, this will mean far fewer vehicles parked up for most of their working lives as they will be always on the go. Accordingly far fewer vehicles will be needed at any one time so a large reduction in the volume of vehicles needing to be produced and who knows which of the manufacturers will win in this one.

Oh and I suppose it also applies to car parks and Traffic Wardens…

A Mission for the Future

To go along with the holistic life online I am now going to try and write a post a day on this blog. It may not be the longest in the world but the intention is in fact to link to other articles on the web and give my opinion as to why you should read it and as to what I think about it.

I will also be rating the content on various scales and categorising it. This is likely to be a plugin that I will write as I want some very specific things from it and I will also want to surface information via an API – not sure I’ll be using the WP REST API as I suspect that in fact I will be creating a separate one that the ratings and the links will be pushed to…


Better Content Discovery

For years I have been frustrated at the poor results that Google gives me for search, especially for specialist items. This is hardly surprising since Google relies on measuring a multitude of factors automatically and then presenting the results to you. The problem is that a content creator needs to be working to Googles vision of the world in order to be found by the world.

Take a look at this brief description of SEO Page Rank vs PPC Quality, with the area we are interested in being the values. Even if you were able to create the most Google friendly page unless you were an existing highly rated site you will struggle. This is a system that encourages high volume sites often with dubious depth to the content.

I am not alone in this opinion as this recent article on State of Digital will confirm. The main out-take for what we are doing is in this paragraph

Google have amassed an enormous amount of power over online publishing. If your content cannot be found on Google, it might as well not exist. You may be able to find a fleeting audience on social media, but the bulk of your readers continue to rely on the web’s unofficial librarian. If your card is not in Google’s index of the web, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever be read.

combined with a couple of paragraphs later

And without Google, a content creator’s ability to generate an audience is severely limited.

The article goes on to say that Google is effectively robbing the content creatorsas without the content there is no Google, and in terms of earning revenue from it Google does a damn fine job of siphoning off available advertising spent between searcher and content creator.

Even then I am left as a searcher with a poor experience so it is not just the content creator who suffers, it is in fact both parties to the information brokerage service that is Google.

Google is, however suffering a bit in the battle of the referral source of choice with many sites seeing increasing traffic coming from Social Networks/Apps as this article indicates. From this we can see that the online culture is shifting away from a “Google is the only game in town situation.” For us this is important and could perhaps be described as Online Club Culture whereby we create the environment that Club members want to have, and one of these is better content discovery, i.e. an alternative to Google, automated sentiment analysis in the style of Facebook and purely random referrals in the form of Facebook, Twitter etc..

For this I am suggesting a kind of curated content service where rather than rely on a mathematical algorithm to decide what is relevant for you there is a hybrid approach of curated links combined with a more intelligent rating system.

A Letter to Parents (and the Guardian)

This morning I was made aware of an article in the Guardian newspaper with the headline of

A letter to … My 10-year-old son, who needs to hear a few home truths

The summary of which is, “Son, you have acted like most normal children and I’m going to vent my frustrations at having to deal with childishness from a child. Oh, but don’t forget I’ve done it all for you because I love you although of course I could have been earning three times what I do now”

Thankfully there is no byline, if there were I would be feeling even more sorry for whoever this ten year old is since they would have had it there online, possibly forever, how much their mother resents them. As it is, there is a bit of me that suspects mum may well be letting her little sports mad, pant wetting son know in some way.

As I say to my sons there is no such thing as ‘fair’ except perhaps the ‘fare’ you pay for riding on the train or perhaps the ‘fare’ you pay for all the choices you make or are made for you in life.

It is not ‘fair’ that I was lucky enough to be born in a country that is so wealthy and that it put me automatically in the top few percent. It is not ‘fair’ that there are millions of displaced people from a war in Syria who are in desperate straits when my major concern is that I need to get a leaky pipe fixed.

It is also not ‘fair’ that twelve years ago I became the sole carer of my sons having had to battle the prejudice that a mother is automatically the better choice for rearing children.

I too had to give up lucrative work, with at least as much of a multiplier as mum  from the Guardian was talking about. I also went to sports matches and concerts and had to spend a lot of time trying to sort out education and an awful lot else besides. I did it it because I both wanted to and I think it is the right thing to do and it came with no strings attached.

As for respect, well I cannot make my sons respect me and I do not believe that guilt tripping in the style of mum is worthy of respect. I would rather that my sons respected me as a human being and for the way I treat other human beings.

I also think that the Guardian should think a bit more carefully before they publish such ill considered tripe, certainly you have lost a little of my respect.

Don’t Worry, Be API

I have been battling with the WP REST API for a bit over a month now. There have been a few snags mostly to do with a lack of documentation but also due to a couple of issues that have slowed me down.

So that there is something out there to help the REST of the world I am putting out my own examples to show that once you have a proper handle on it this can be a very powerful tool indeed. The examples and tutorials I will be building will be split into two main sections being WP internal and external. This is primarily because I suspect that this is the way that the api will be used and evolve. Furthermore I will try to give practical examples of why you would do something like this rather than just use the existing WordPress infrastructure.

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