DataFlexor Clarification

Ok so we have launched and it received a fair bit of interest at BuddyCamp however it was apparent that there was a slight misunderstanding on what it is about. This is something that we need to address.

What DataFlexor Is

A way to create a web based app using WordPress as a configurable data store.

What DataFlexor Isn’t

A variation on Advanced Custom Fields or Custom Post Type UI or Types or Pods. All of these are great at what they do and that is for the most part managing the existing functionality that WordPress has for Custom Post Types, Meta Fields and Custom Taxonomies. These are where DataFlexor starts rather than finishes.

Why Do We Need to Go Further than CPT’s etc..?

At this point in time WordPress has come a long way towards being an application development platform. It is used by a whole host of businesses in some way from the smallest to the largest.

It does however suffer a bit in it’s database support to help build out more complicated applications. This is often seen as the province of other technologies such as Drupal/Symfony or Laravel in PHP or perhaps MS MVC or Ruby or Node.js.

To a certain extent I can understand this as there is a definite advantage to building from a framework up with sets of engineers who know what they are doing. The rather large downside to this is that it is not easy or cheap.

BuddyPress is currently downloaded about 30,000 times a week, even if 10% of these turn into actual sites this is 3,000 sites per week that are looking for interactive tools. They are not looking at these other solutions and that is why it is worth pursuing.



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