BuddyCamp Brighton

A quick review of BuddyCamp Brighton, where we ‘launched’ DataFlexor. Overall I would say that it went very well indeed and certainly achieved what we wanted it to do;

  1. Force a DataFlexor release.
  2. Get some exposure for DataFlexor.
  3. Get some feedback on DataFlexor.
  4. Connect to top class BuddyPress folk.

BuddyCamp itself was a pretty low key affair with a relatively small attendance when compared to WordCamps. It was more like an extended WP Meetup but, and this is a BIG but, the attendees were very experienced and committed BuddyPress developers. This meant that the quality of both the presentations and the general chat was as good as it gets. I would strongly recommend anyone with an interest in BuddyPress to look it up on WP t.v. when the videos are loaded.

There was certainly some interesting takes on BuddyPress and it’s place in the world. For me there were two very telling statements:

WordPress is for publishing, BuddyPress is for communities: Paul Gibbs

This is very important in that it indicates a fundamental difference in the purposes of the two.

Two or more people engaging on a site is a community: Sven Lehnert

I think that this is spot on and if you combine it with Paul’s statement then this indicates to me that BuddyPress is a suitable start for developing applications on the web.

For myself I would probably extend this to say that a community is two or more people connected for a common purpose.

I am going to follow this post with a bunch of others that will extend of these and other take aways from BuddyCamp. In the meantime I will just say that it may well have been one of the most thought provoking and valuable days of my web development life so far!

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