Why Not to Buy Shares in Automotive or Become a Traffic Warden

Google’s driverless cars make progress – BBC News

Driverless cars being tested in California by Google company Waymo needed less human action in 2016.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38839071

So, if we presume that driverless cars are getting close to being legal what does this mean to us all?

I suspect it means that we will not need to own cars in the way we do now. Instead it would mean that you could have vehicle pools where you order a vehicle to collect you from wherever you are, takes you to where you want to go and then moves on to the next job. That is, you will always take a taxi.

The difference between this and current taxi usage is that there is no human driver who is effectively the large part of the cost so you are then sharing the capital cost of the vehicle and the insurance. The running costs, essentially fuel and maintenance will be the bits you pay for with an element of contribution to the fixed costs.

So if I am right, this will mean far fewer vehicles parked up for most of their working lives as they will be always on the go. Accordingly far fewer vehicles will be needed at any one time so a large reduction in the volume of vehicles needing to be produced and who knows which of the manufacturers will win in this one.

Oh and I suppose it also applies to car parks and Traffic Wardens…

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